A UXer since 2004, I've been leading design teams for nearly a decade. My latest challenge has been to design a retail store from the ground up (even directing the colors, floor and tile selection), delivering wow experiences to an apathetic customer base. 

In my 8 years at Huge in Brooklyn, I've touched a wide variety of clients, including ecommerce, publishing, financial, entertainment and energy. Clients include Comcast, Loblaws, HP, Target, Gucci, and FastCompany. I love the variety, but my passion is for ecommerce and retail.

Increasingly, I've also been tackling major experience initiatives with emerging technologies, like facial scanning, gesture-controlled games, and the intersection between physical and digital. 

My favorite work focuses heavily on product strategy and development. I find the intersection between brand capability and user needs fascinating. I believe the best moments are when a brand does something delightful that a user doesn't expect, anticipating their needs.

I've managed teams as large as 35 and led design and strategy product teams as large as 25 people. I've directly managed user experience designers, product designers, content strategists and researchers.

Despite being shy as a child, I love public speaking and give talks or speak on panels about 3-5 times a year, including for Shop.org, SXSW, Google Publishers Conference, MobileBeat, SoDA, RE:Design and IA Summit.

Finally, I have a fascination for workplace psychology and culture. Creative people want to believe in their workplace, not just earn their pay there. The massive pressure on recruitment in the last decade has made it mandatory for employers to consider their environment and tone as much as their benefits package and IT costs.  I've developed a number of onboarding and cultural training materials for Huge to help capture the unique mindset there and translate that to new hires.